It’s important to track your child’s’ progress in the water.  

That’s why we have created a Badge System which lets you keep track of your child’s progress in the pool. While also making sure our little swimmers are awarded for their hard work.

How it works:

Classes run 46 weeks annually. During this time we evaluate and reward each swimmer 3 times a year (April, August and November). Each evaluation period consists of 15 swimming weeks, excluding holidays so no lesson is lost.

Each swimmer is formally evaluated before receiving a certificate and moving on to the next level.

There are 8 Swimming Badges. Each badge represents a level which has six outcomes.

See each Badge Level Requirements Below:

  1. Slide in & exit from side of pool
  2. Teacher aid kicking on front & Back
  3. Teacher aid back & front float
  4. Blowing bubbles chin in water
  5. Move through water unassisted (train)
  6. Teacher aided turn-around to side of pool (sitting)
  1. Slide in entry
  2. Kicking back & front with aid (noodle)
  3. Jump off step to teacher & float with assistance
  4. Submerge when blowing bubbles
  5. Bobbing & submerge when moving (pole)
  6. Teacher aided jump into pool (standing)
  1. Slide in & exit in deeper water
  2. Kicking front & back with 2 boards
  3. Teacher aided back & front float
  4. Intermittently blowing when kicking on boards
  5. Letting go of the side (bobbing)
  6. Jump into pool & catch aid (noodle)
  1. Jump in & Turn in deep side
  2. Kicking front & back 1 board
  3. Float front & back little assistance
  4. Intermittently blowing & turning of head
  5. Cutting corners or swim under bridge
  6. Jump turn & kick back to side
  1. Crouch dive into deep side
  2. 10m Freestyle kick & arms & breathing on board
  3. 10m Backstroke kick & arms with board
  4. 10m Breastroke kick with noodle
  5. 5m Glide with face submerge unassisted
  6. Water treading with aid (2boards) 30 sec
  1. Crouch dive with glide
  2. 15m Freestyle kick & arms & breathing on 1 board
  3. 15m Backstroke kick & arms with board
  4. 15m Breastroke arms & legs & submerge on noodle
  5. Butterfly kick with noodle
  6. Water treading with little assistance
  1. Standing dive from poolside
  2. 10m Unaided freestyle
  3. 10m Unaided backstroke
  4. 10m Unaided breastroke
  5. 10m Butterfly arms with noodle
  6. 5m Submerged swim
  1. Standing dive into glide 2m
  2. 18m x 2 Freestyle with 30 sec rest
  3. 18m x 2 Backstroke with 30 sec rest
  4. 18m x 2 Breastroke with 30 sec rest
  5. 18m Butterfly kick with aid
  6. Dive and retrieve floating toy and return to side