• Bubbles Swim School is open from January to December with a break over the Easter Holidays.
  • To ensure that each learner receives the best instruction all lessons will commence punctually and finish according to the roster provided or times agreed.
  • In cases where the learner cannot attend a lesson alternate arrangement can be made to make up the lesson. The additional lesson will be charged accordingly.
  • Should any lesson be cancelled by the instructor alternate arrangements will be made to compensate for the lesson.
  • Once a single payment has been made it is accepted that the terms and conditions of Bubbles Swim School; are automatically accepted and agreed to by parent/guardian.
  • Bubbles Swim School will not be liable for or misplacement or loss of any articles belonging to the swimmer.

Fees and Payments

Registration Fees

  • A non – refundable annual registration fee of R300 per swimmer, payable in January or on commencement of the contract will be levied.

Debit Order Transactions

  • Debit Order facilities are available. These fees are paid monthly at the beginning of the month.

Payment Default

  • A penalty of 10% of the value of the outstanding account will be levied for outstanding accounts that exceed two months;
  • Account that is 2 months outstanding will be handed over to debt collectors.
  • All cost associated with the collection of fees from debt collector will be for your account;


  • Annual fee adjustments will be effective from January of the year; and do not forget
  • Please make use of the discount rates for siblings and family groups.

Notice Period

  • One calendar month written or email notices is required to discontinue with swimming instruction. No verbal or SMS cancellation will be accepted. Failing to do so will result in you being liable for that months instruction fees.
  • No notice will be accepted in October or November for cancellation of lessons in December.
  • No notice will be accepted in March or April for cancellation of lessons.
  • Notice for June/July winter break must be emails before 10th May.
  • Notice that a fee of R100 per month will be payable during winter break to keep your time slot.