“When the Einstein Factory Nursery School moved to this premises, 82/236 Old Road, Halfway Gardens in 2001 I knew that our Einsteiners needed a good swimming teacher! Yolanda was that person, she started to teach our Einsteiners at my school and I knew straight away that Yolanda just didn’t have the experience to teach my Kids to swim but the love, patience and kindness that is needed when you deal with Kids on a daily basis was a quality that was part of Yolanda’s personality and until this day she has not change one bit! When Yolanda told me she’s going to have her own heated indoor swimming pool on her premises I was so excited because our school’s pool was not heated that means our kids don’t get a chance to swim throughout the year and they would miss the swimming terribly during the winter months. When Yolanda’s swimming team comes to our school to collect the Einsteiners there’s only joy and excitement shown on the Kids faces! Her team is friendly and very professional when they collect the Einsteiners and I appreciate that so much. They Kids can’t wait to leave the school to go and swim! So many Einsteiners that have graduated from Yolanda’s swimming school over the years those Parents will always come back to me and say what a lovely experience their Kids had and if they were afraid of getting in the water at first, the motherly instinct towards those Kids will just kick in and that speaks volumes! So what can I say about Bubble’s swimming school, you are the Best swimming school and I would recommend anyone to join your Family! Keep up the Brilliant Work! With great appreciation and love: Einstein Factory Nursery School: Chantal
Brickles: Principal and owner!”
Chantal Brickles
Bubbles swim school has been doing swimming lessons with Clucky Duck Nursery School children since 2005.
SWIMMING IS NOT JUST A SPORT BUT A LIFE SAVER and Bubbles swim school has made this important skill fun and interesting due to the professional teacher and staff that encourage and motive each child positively at their own individual pace.
Clucky Ducks
Thank you for teacher Letlotlo and I for swimming so great. We are proud of having a teacher like you and so grateful. We will miss you so much. You are the one who showed me my talent that’s what I love from you. In the gala, I came second and third because of you. I love you deep down my heart.
Unedited Letter from a Swimmer
I will miss you. You helped me swim. I wish you all of the best with your family. I wish you happiness, joy peace and above all love. May the Lord bless you and may you continue to be a blessing to other kids. You are the best swimming teacher. You are so special to me.
Unedited Letter from a Swimmer